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About Us

The TurnKey Resources model grew from the simple desire to offload time-consuming operational tasks in order to free employees for strategic initiatives. Founded in 2011 by a group of insurance industry veterans, TurnKey began as a 24 hour “back office” to streamline administrative needs within their own firm. The result was a riveting success. Increased efficiency and a steadier workflow helped teams manage projects across all U.S. time zones. As an unexpected synergy, employee satisfaction sky-rocketed as TurnKey offloaded the tasks they considered too time-consuming and monotonous. Employees could focus on what was most important—the business!

After years of refinement, growth and success, the proof of concept has been accomplished. After innumerable requests for access to our resources from third parties, the team decided to recreate this proven infrastructure and offer these services to specialty MGAs, wholesale and retail brokers and insurance companies.


Working with TurnKey Resources creates clear returns for you, your staff, and your bottom line—most notably your ability to increase revenues and reduce or redistribute expenses.


Our services allow your business to be a round-the-clock back office. Companies managing offices across three or more time zones always run into communication, response and follow-through challenges. Our team’s administrative services are available around the clock to eliminate transactional, time-sensitive issues.


As a plus, partnering with TurnKey Resources provides your company access to the wealth of resources and experience fine-tuned by our strategists. You can tap into our knowledge base on a project or as-needed basis. Our flexible business model provides you with the ability to maintain a strong core group of employees while you manage insurance cycles and seasonal business.

Our Team

Sonny Shao

Sonny Shao

Office Manager, China Office

Sonny Shao is the Office Manager for TurnKey Resources China. With over ten years of experience in data processing at TurnKey, Sonny specializes in helping clients build out their work flows and training the TurnKey team to perform at their highest operation standards. His strong technical skills and consistent, high-quality results have led the TurnKey business processing centers to excellence over the past decade.

Jessica Marino

Jessica Marino

Office Manager, Ecuador Office

Jessica Marino is the Office Manager at TurnKey Resources Ecuador and has led the Quito team through the company's growth since the establishment of the Ecuador office. Jessica studied at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires, where she graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences. At TurnKey, Jessica strives to put clients first. Her can-do attitude and above-and-beyond service make her a winning manager.

Charlotte Hutagalung

Charlotte Hutagalung

Office Manager, Indonesia Office

Charlotte Hutagalung is the Office Manager for TurnKey Resources Indonesia and a founding member of the Jakarta office. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Charlotte leads the Jakarta team with her extensive experience in data processing for the insurance industry. When it comes to supporting clients at TurnKey, Charlotte always goes the extra mile and teams up with them to help solve their underlying bottlenecks.

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