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TurnKey Resources

Empower Your Employees to do More

TurnKey Resources offers customized processing solutions for specialty MGAs, wholesale and retail brokers and insurance companies. We provide around-the-clock back-office support tailored to your specific business needs.


Unlike typical outsourcing firms, TurnKey adapts to you. Our implementation specialists work with you and your team leaders to develop the game plan on how we can help, add value, and streamline your most arduous and time-consuming tasks. We train our staff of professionals at the highest standards to fully integrate as your in-house team. Whether you need general administrative support or a specific skillset for niche and specialty programs, our versatile team has you covered.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower your team. By taking care of your day to day operations, we free up your employees to focus on big picture strategy and growth—relationship building, revenue production, and the key strategy initiatives that drive your bottom line. While we take care of the details, your team will be freed to achieve their highest potential and top job satisfaction.


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What makes TurnKey an industry gem?

Client First

Our strategists listen first to help you develop the optimal plan. While most outsourcing services adjust your business to pre-packaged workflows, we work with you to design a custom-fit plan, tailored to manage the intricacies of your unique business and practices.


Our comprehensive team has a reputation for a “good eye.” Our close attention to detail shows—we have an above 99.99% accuracy rate for over half a million transactions.


The majority of insurance companies still find it a challenge to issue policies within 30 days of binding. Whatever stage of the policy cycle you’re at—whether it's pre-binding or renewal—we turn your tasks around overnight.


Once a partner, always a partner. When you onboard with us, we develop a full set of training materials based on your company’s operations. Our focus on integrity and building seamless support lays a foundation for the long-term, even through transitions in your office.


As a boutique firm, TurnKey Resources prides ourselves on offering flexible contracts and trial periods, even while we maintain competitive pricing. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Above & Beyond Service

Anything you need, we are your in-house team. We formally train our staff to meet your needs, not ours. With risk-diverse global locations in the US, China, Ecuador, and Indonesia, we are your around-the-clock back office, hard at work even through major holidays.

Our Services

Our Clients

Our Services

Submission Management

Start out on the right foot with a well versed, responsive clearance team

Start out on the right foot with a well versed, responsive clearance team

Policy Administration

Start out on the right foot with a well versed, responsive clearance team

Let us handle all your core policy cycle functions

Data Processing

Start out on the right foot with a well versed, responsive clearance team

Take advantage of our meticulous data entry staff

Renewal Submission

Start out on the right foot with a well versed, responsive clearance team


Get ahead of the competition

Third Party Data

We collect and comprehensively compile all your 1st and 3rd party data


We handle all facets of the AR/AP and collections process

Operational Consulting

Lean on our experience in helping you develop efficient procedures

Other Services

We are built to adapt to your needs, no matter what they are


At Turnkey Resources, your security is our top priority. We understand that in today's digital landscape, safeguarding your sensitive information is non-negotiable. That's why we've taken proactive measures to align our IT infrastructure with the industry-leading cybersecurity standards set by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

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What Clients Say

After a full year of working/training and all of your dedication on our policy issuance, our numbers have skyrocketed. Policy Issuance is not all that you each are responsible for on a daily basis, so to see the increase in our productivity is really just so impressive


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