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The TurnKey Resources model was originally inspired by the simple desire to offload time-consuming operational tasks and free employees for more strategic initiatives. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of insurance industry veterans who wanted to better manage administrative needs within their own firm and create a 24 hour “back office”. The result was an absolute success. Efficiency increased and the workflow became much more steady, which helped the teams manage projects across all the U.S. time zones. As an unexpected synergy, the employee satisfaction rose since many of the tasks they considered either too routine or time consuming were offloaded and they could focus more on what was important: the business!

After years of refinement, growth and success, the proof of concept has been accomplished. The numerous requests for access to our resources from third parties had not gone unnoticed, so the team decided to recreate this proven infrastructure and offer these services to specialty MGAs, wholesale and retail brokers and insurance companies via a new independent vehicle, namely Turnkey Resources.

Working with TurnKey Resources creates a great deal of business advantages with clear returns for you, your staff, and your bottom line. The most noticeable returns are your ability to increase revenues, coupled with the possibility to reduce or redistribute expenses.


Many insurance entities dedicate up to half of their payroll to administrative services. This may surprise you, but many don’t realize that it’s happening. Consider some of these examples:

  • 79% of insurance executives say it takes more than 9 months to bring a new product to market. We think it should take a fraction of that time and utilizing TurnKey Resources for the setup and implementation of new products is an ideal situation.

  • 82% of insurance companies issue their policies within 90 days of binding; 12% need between 90 and 180 days. We think it should take only a handful of days. Our team can get you there.

On a synergistic note, we invite you to take advantage of our team’s knowledge base. Using TurnKey Resources also allows your company to access a wealth of resources and experience that you can tap into on a project or as-needed basis. The flexibility in this business model provides you with the ability to maintain a strong core group of employees while managing insurance cycles and seasonal business.


Lastly, our services allow your business to be a 24/7 back office. Companies managing offices across three or more time zones always run into communication, response and follow-through challenges. Our team’s administrative services can be available around the clock and will eliminate and transactional, time sensitive issues.

About Us
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