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TurnKey Resources





TurnKey Resources provides customized processing solutions for specialty MGAs, wholesale and retail brokers and insurance companies. Our goal is to provide back office services that are customized and tailored to meet the specific needs of your programs and your business.

Unlike typical outsourcing firms, TurnKey Resources adapts to you. We listen, we learn, and we execute. Our staff of professionals will be trained as if they are your employees and will take all the burdens of typical day to day operational tasks. Whether it be a general administrative task or a specific skillset for niche and specialty programs, we have you covered.

Ultimately, our objective is to empower your team, not replace it. We want to help you free your employees so that they can focus on revenue-producing initiatives; and activities, tasks that are accretive to your bottom line. Accomplishing this provides employee satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Services - forme

Our Services

Submission Management

Start out on the right foot with a well versed, responsive clearance team

POlicy Administration

Let us handle all your core policy cycle functions

Data Processing

Take advantage of our meticulous data entry staff

Renewal Solicitaion

Get ahead of the competition

third Party data

We collect and comprehensively compile all your 1st and 3rd party data


We handle all facets of the AR/AP and collections process

operational consulting

Lean on our experience in helping you develop efficient procedures

Other Services

We are built to adapt to your needs, no matter what they are

Our Service Standard

TurnKey Resources essentially strives to be your in-house team. In order to manage the intricacies of your unique business and its practices, we ensure that our staff are formally trained to meet your needs, not ours. Our implementation specialists will work with you and your team leaders to develop the game plan on how we can help, how we can add value, and how we can take on the tasks that are arduous, burdensome and time consuming. We see it as our responsibility to make sure that when we begin working for you, we are ready and competent. Then, our resources will be available as you need them. That can be project based, part time or full time.

82% of Insurance companies issue their policies within 90 days of binding, 12% need between 90 and 120 days. We think it should only take a handful of days.


Our team can get you there

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